Openshift limits explained

Openshift is a Paas platform offered by Red Hat based mainly on Docker and Kubernetes. One of the concepts behind it is that Ops can set boundaries for Dev. For example by providing a list of supported technologies in the form of base images. One other way Ops can...
AES-256 message encryption in Apache Camel

AES-256 message encryption in Apache Camel

This blog post shows how to encrypt and decrypt the payload of the message using Apache Camel. The cryptografic algorithm used in this example is AES-256 since this was an explicit request from security. The key used in the example was obtained from a keystore. For...

Camel Split using a custom Iterator

One of the more commonly used EIP’s in Camel is the Splitter, you can find the documentation here Usually the splitter is used for tokenizing some message or splitting collections into single messages. But what if you need...

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