Since Weblogic stores it’s primary admin user account “weblogic” encrypted on disc, simply changing this users password in the console is not all there is.

Basic step: changing the password:

  • Go to: Security Realm -> myrealm > Users and Groups >weblogic -> Passwords
  • Change the password of the user, as you would normally do for every user

Stopping all managed servers

During step 3 we will change the NodeManager password. After this step the Admin console can no longer communicatie with the NodeManager so stopping/starting instances will not succeed.

Changing the Nodemanager password in the Weblogic Console:

  • Use the Weblogic /console
  • Go to Domain -> General -> Security -> Advanced
  • Change the value for the Nodemanager Password

Attention!!!: The next steps will be necessary on each physical server of the domain:

Changing the Nodemanager password:

If you start/stop the Managed Servers through the NodeManager you will need to edit the so called nm_properties file

  • Navigate your Linux/Windows file system and go to: %domain_home%/config/nodemanager
  • Open nm_properties
  • The file will hold encrypted values, replace all content with:


  • Restart the NodeManager
  • Check nm_properties file for encrypted values

#Node manager user information

Changing the Weblogic security file

If you decided to not use the NodeManager for start/stop Managed Servers but use the Weblogic start/stop scripts you will probably have your good reasons and you will need to edit the so called file

  • Navigate your Linux/Windows file system and go to: %domain_home%/servers/myserver01/security
  • Open the file
  • Change the values to


Launching the ManagedServer through the Startscript will test the result and encrypt the content.
Example:  %domain%binstartManagedWeblogic rbx_dev_wls01 http://server01:7001