Today I successfully passed the second exam (exam C90.02: Cloud Technology Concepts) with honors as part of the Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) program by Arcitura.

This course covered a range of topics related to cloud computing mechanisms, cloud security threats and controls, and essential cloud technologies. Also addressed were testing, cloud storage, industry standards, and emerging technologies and trends.

Cloud Technology Concepts

Important to notice is that in order for the best preparation one should be able to map the cloud computing mechanisms (f.e. automated scaling listener) to cloud characteristics (f.e. elasticity) and also cloud security threats (f.e. malicious intermediary) to cloud security mechanisms (f.e. encryption).

Overall I think the topics covered were very interesting and should be part of the basic knowledge of each IT professional working with a cloud environment to a certain extent. I will be writing more blog posts about certain topics that were covered as part of this course.

Following mind map gives a good overview of the topics and is very helpful for the preparation and is also included in the study material: