For some reason the default settings for automatic recovery of instances is different between the Oracle BPEL and Oracle BPMN engine in 11g. We can view and change these setting under SOA Administration in the Oracle Enterprise Manager:

Select the BPMN properties from the menu (or off course BPEL for the BPEL engine)

Soa Administration

Click on “More BPMN Configuration Properties…”:


Click on the “RecoveryConfig” setting


The zero (or a negetive) value disables startup recovery, so the default of 0 means the BPMN engine will not recover any instances.


If you want, you can compare it with the BPEL engine, where the default is 600 seconds (10 minutes)


As the Oracle documentation states:

Specifies the number of seconds that the startup recovery period lasts. After the server starts up, it goes into a startup recovery period. During this period, pending activities and undelivered callback and invocation messages ae resubmitted for processing. The default value is 600 (ten minutes). A negative or zero value disables startup recovery.