After importing an Oracle SOA project, which includes JCA Database Adapters, the result is a bit awkward. We are still able to build the project, but trying to edit the DB adapter configuration fails with this error:

Failed to invoke edit for idm_groepen: SCAEndpoint not available


After digging around in the composite and JCA file it seemed there is a difference in JCA file configuration between 11g and 12c. This is the JCA file for 11g:


<adapter-config name="idm_groepen" adapter="Database Adapter" wsdlLocation="idm_groepen.wsdl"

This is the JCA config for a 12c generated DB adapter on our composite:


<adapter-config name="idm_groepen" adapter="db" wsdlLocation="idm_groepen.wsdl"

After manually editing all our imported JCA files the problem is fixed:


Hope it helps!!!

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