Since our Bamboo pipeline uses the same account for deployments we sometimes get this error “Another session operation is in progress. Please retry later.” during deployment.
So 1st of all, don’t use the same user (like weblogic) to deploy when your with a lot of developers / build pipelines / etc.
Time for us to use multiple users for each agent (or think of something else really smart), but in the meanwhile we sometimes have to discard the changes from an open session.

sbconsole -> View all Sessions -> Select session -> Discard all changes



However sometimes the sbconsole does not allow this action and we need to restart the Admin + Managed server.
Usually this fixes the issue, however this time it didn’t.

Luckily for us the great Pierluigi has a blog which tells us to clear the OSB domain session folder, so:

  • shutdown the Admin + Managed servers
  • clear all the SessionXXX folders in the ${DOMAIN_HOME}/osb/config/sessions
  • start the environment

The content of

[oracle@server sessions]$ ls -l
drwxr—–. 5 oracle oinstall 4096 Jan 13 13:22 SessionScript1452682586592
drwxr—–. 5 oracle oinstall 4096 Jan 13 13:22 SessionScript1452687725653
[oracle@server sessions]$ rm * -rf