Oracle released a white paper regarding a Oracle SOA Suite 11g Database Growth Management Strategy as part of it’s Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture. Which is great news looking at the questions clients have about disk space planning, growth management and purging strategies for their SOA Suite implementation.

Looking at the document we can see that Chapter 1 shows interesting metrics to estimate the growth of your SOA database to get a good first estimate on the appropriate growth management strategy. It also allows you to determine if your soa database is labeled by Oracle as a small, medium or large database profile. Chapter 2 discusses Growth Management Strategy and advised a recommended strategie based on the database profile explained in chapter 1 (the small, medium or large). Chapter 3 focuses on tooling and scripts to help you troubleshoot your SOA suite database. The document end with 3 appendixes. Appendix A + B are probably interesting for your DBA, but for Middleware people without  the Oracle database background (like me) very valuable to get a good understanding about space management and purging posibilities of the Oracle database. Appendix C finally discusses some of the enhancements in SOA Suite 11g PS5 (like the row migration procedure).

I really like this white paper, it’s technical and gives you a good headstart for any SOA Suite installation / project. So I decided to create this post for 2 reasons: remember the URL and especially to be able to link this to whomever is going to ask me questions about a SOA Suite database growth and purge strategie. 🙂


The 11g white paper is available on Oracle Technology Network (click here) and has been written by Michael Bousamra with contributions from Deepak Arora & Sai Sudarsan Pogar of Oracle SOA Development.

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