In Oracle BPM 11g we had functional requirements to send emails from our BPM processes. So we started using the BPM Notification Task in our processes.


Since the Notification Task makes use of the User Messaging Service (UMS) we need to configure this in Oracle Enterprise Manager. Right click on the email driver to set the Email Driver Properties. There are a lot of settings there, however to use the SMTP protocol to send emails we only need to configure the outgoing mailserver, port & default sender address.

User Messaging Server Driver

Next thing we need to configure the SOA Suite Workflow properties to enable Email. Right-click on soa-infra -> SOA Administration -> Workflow Properties

SOA Workflow

Select Email from the Notification Mode pulldown and configure the different addresses. In our case we just used non genuine addresses.

SOA Workflow

In our environment the settings did not work until completely restarting the SOA/BPM Managed servers. A  stop/start of the UMS service didn’t do the trick.

After restart and running our BPM processes we could see validate that the Notification task worked by checking the UMS logs. Right-click on the usermessagingdriver-email -> Logs -> View Log Messages. There you can see that the Dispatcher has sent email messages.

User Messaging Server Log

Another way to verify if the Infrastructure works is by checking the OraSDPM queues in the Weblogic console. There you will find OraSDPMDriverDefSnd queues which are used by the User Messaging Services.

Oracle Weblogic queue